amazing wedge.

control lift, control the game.
Men's amazing wedgeLadies amazing wedge

Naples Bay Golf amazing wedge

maximum control over lift with a steel shaft.
  • Great bunker club
  • Large hollow design to ease the fear of a small wedge
  • Great lob & flop club
  • Neck grind that allows a pro to open it up for even softer shots
  • 64° with a shank resistant neck
  • Great  for Lob Shots, can open for super flops, goes higher out of Bunker, allows you to hit Chunk and Stop Shots!

Men's amazing wedge

your bunker buddy.

When you need precise control over your chips, chunks, stops and lob shots the Amazing Wedge is the only club that will do.

Ladies amazing wedge

chip, lob, stop and chunk in the big leagues.